22 January 2004 @ 01:13 am
Required materials:
- One glue gun
- Some different colored glue sticks
- Some old paper clips
- Some sort of non-stick surface

1. Bend the paperclips into a makeshift skeleton for your bendy, including the arms, legs, hips, and spine. The head is not necessary at this point.
2. Try to bend the skeleton relatively flat onto the non-stick surface.
3. Plug in the glue gun (but for crissakes keep the cat away from it!)
4. Jam whatever colored glue stick you can find into the glue gun to rid the glue gun of whatever color was stuck on its insides before.
5. Coat and decorate the wire skeleton with glue.
6. Continue to keep the cat away from the fricken glue.
7. When the glue has mostly hardened, flip the skeleton over and touch up some spots of of the wire that didn't get covered in glue. Turn the skeleton over again so these touched up parts still harden flat.
8. Scare the cat with your brand new bendy toy!

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